Festivals in Spain

TOP 10: Music Festivals in Spain

No doubt many of you are planning a summer holiday away in the guaranteed sun, and similarly, a good chunk of you are probably settling on Spain. Wise choice. Not just because it's full of culture, from art to food, and a charm that's incredibly infectious, but because it's absolutely drenched in music festivals.

I've been given the impossible task of trying to pick out just ten. Apologies in advance.

So, while I run off and hide, let's begin our run down...

Arcade Fire, Fran Ocean, The xx

The indie giant has been going consistently for 15 years and has racked up a hall of fame that includes blur, The Cure and Arcade Fire. Primavera Sound sets up at Barcelona's Parc del Forum on the glorious Spanish coast, where over 100, 000 people every year are treated to stunning sea views and the chance to take a dip.

Festival Internacional de Benicàssim

Headliners: Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Weeknd, Kasabian

The glowing beacon of the Spanish festival circuit that also sits comfortably at the global table too, and has done for 20 years with sheer consistency. Every year its showcase of rock, indie, alternative and electro basks in beautiful sunshine, renowned for its lazy beach days and hectic nights once the music begins come evening.

When & where: 13-16 July 2017, Castellón

Azkena Rock

Headliners: John Fogerty, Chris Isaak, Cheap Trick, The Cult

Representing the sharper edge of rock in our list is Azkena Rock. The riff-tastic two day rock exploration compliments a lineup that rips from punk to classic rock, from legends to cult favourites, all with an uncommercial feel that solidifies its 15-year history upon a foundation of unadorned rock love.

DGTL Barcelona

Headliners: Solomun, Jeff Mills, Recondite [live]

Picture this: fine, fine DJs such as Maceo Plex, Jospeh Capriati and Boddika weaving their sounds between futuristic site design, sculptures and interactive performance art.


Headliners: Justice, Nicolas Jarr, Moderat

The Barcelona electronic mecca that has become a global pioneer in the scene, pulling in the finest names on the block but also those emerging from the underground, with a track record of spotting what's hot that's second to none.

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