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Rocked by a Corruption Scandal, Spain s Government Limits Media

Monarch is commander-in-chief of the Spanish armed forces and nominates a candidate for president of government. Prime minister is president of government, conducts domestic and foreign policy, civil and military administration, and defense of the nation under the king.

Prime minister is elected by parliament.

Prime Minister: No fixed term length


Responsible for processing substantial complaints of wrongdoing against prominent persons such as government ministers, assembly of senators general assembly of representatives and members of the various regional parliaments, senior judges, including the President and judges of the Constitutional Court (the highest tribunal in the Kingdom).

Appointed by the monarch.

Mandatory retirement age of 70


Congress of Deputies & Senate: enactment of any law & amendment of the Constitution; Leader of Opposition: Heads an alternative "Shadow Government" which reflects the vies of the largest party not currently in the Congress of Deputy.

Senate has 208 members elected by plurality vote in multi-member constituencies and 49 members appointed by regional legislatures. Congress of Deputies members are elected through a closed-list proportional representation system.

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