English teaching jobs in Spain

Teaching English In Spain

Teach English in SpainWatch ITA graduate, Lauren O'Rourke from Chicago, IL, discuss her experiences teaching English in Barcelona, Spain.

Private Language Schools

The majority of English teaching jobs are found in private language schools & institutes. Private enterprises that specialize in language training, these schools typically cater primarily to adults, including businessmen and university students. Teachers are paid by the hour (13-18 euro per hour typically) and should expect to work a varied schedule as many students work and take English classes in the evening.

Private Tutoring

The market for private English lessons throughout Spain is immense. Private tutoring does offer some advantages. Teachers are typically paid more per hour, and it offers more control over your schedule. Potential challenges include building a roster of regular students and dealing with students that don't show for lessons.

English Teaching Jobs in Spain - Private TutoringNOTE: Most Americans teaching in Barcelona work as & independent contractors on an expired tourist visa, which is not legal, but is extremely common. To learn more about how it works, please read: Visas & Jobs: A Quick Guide to Teaching English in Barcelona, Spain for Americans.
Also, read this article from Lauren O'Rourke, a Chicago native who has been teaching English in Barcelona for 2+ years:

Cultural Ambassadors

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