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Flights from New York to Barcelona
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Flights travel from New York to Barcelona daily. Both business travelers and tourists enjoy visiting Barcelona. The city is a hub of cultural activities and historic sites. Orbitz.com can help travelers locate the best deals on accommodations and flights from New York to Barcelona.

New York City

Three airports in New York provide flights to Barcelona: JFK International Airport, LaGuardia and Newark Liberty International Airport. Several airlines offer flights from New York to Barcelona, including United, Delta, American, Air France and Lufthansa. The airports offer a variety of parking options. Each airport offers both long- and short-term parking, with discounts given for extended stays. Valet parking is available at all lots.

There are several options for travel from downtown to the airports. The most popular method of travel is the New York Subway, which offers direct connections to public buses. Taxis provide rides at metered rates. Travelers who want to eat before boarding their planes can choose from several dining options. Starbucks is available at all three airports, and Burger King is located at JFK Airport. Newark Airport features Dunkin' Donuts, and LaGuardia has a variety of concession stands.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the capital city of Catalonia and the second largest city in Spain. The city is well known for hosting the 1992 Summer Olympics. It is a leading tourist destination, and one of the world's leading commerce centers. Millions of visitors travel to Barcelona each year.

Enjoying Barcelona

Visitors flying into Barcelona from New York will arrive at Barcelona El Prat Airport. It is located 7 miles from downtown and offers both international and domestic flights. The airport is the second-largest airport in Spain. Terminal one at the airport has its own commuter train line, which runs from the airport to the Barcelona Saints railway station. This connects the airport to the Barcelona Metro train station. Buses offer transportation to various locations in the city, and car rental agencies are available at the airport.

Late spring and late fall are the best times to visit Barcelona. It is not as busy, prices are lower and temperatures are in the upper 60s. August is the warmest month in Barcelona with average daytime temperatures around 82 degrees Fahrenheit. January is the coolest month with average temperatures in the mid-50s.

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