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Located in very center town, flat has an ample patio (18m^2) with amazing view on the bay of Cadaques. Perfect for a couple to enjoy a calm and relaxing vacation. All furniture is at disposal including: WIFI, WASHING MACHINE, DISHWASHER Possible park car CLEANING COST ALREADY INCLUDED IN THE PRICE! NO EXTRA COSTS! No smoken accepted (excepted on the terasse) No pets allowed

Very charming and typical flat (38m2) with ample patio (18m2) which offer a stunning sea view. Ideal for a couple, family or elderly people who wish to enjoy a calm and relaxing holidays. The flat is in the centre in a very calm area only 5 min by walking from the town main square. WIFI to enjoy in all the flat and patio. The flat includes: A bedroom with double bed and a quality mattress Wide shower Full equipped open kitchen: Oven, stove, fridge, All utensil are at disposal as well. TV Sofa Washing machine Dishwasher Kettle Toaster Iron Bath towels Bed linen Possibility to park the car in the urbanisation upon availability during the entire period of your holidays.

Very cozy place with a lot of light. Cute decorations. Ubsolutely incredible view. The house has everything needed for a comfortable stay. Location is very close to the beach, bars and restaurants. Thank you for the great weekend, Marco and Marta!

The apartment is very central with sea views and welcoming, is located in a quiet neighborhood and free parking. Marco and Marta were very attentive, friendly and chatty! We would repeat the experience without any doubt. Thanks for everything!

No complaints, only praise. It was almost heartbreaking to leave. Great location, spacious, very clean, well appointed and functional, and the terrace! A real treat at any time of the day (especially for breakfast with sunrise). In addition car park, avoiding costs or complications. You only wish is to return A big thank you to Marta & Marco

So far apart it was the best that I stayed on this trip. It is larger than it appears in photos, bright, cozy, well decorated, très charmant! The kitchen is well equipped, the bed is comfortable and the bathroom ótimo! The terrace is lovely with flowers, perfumes, birds and sea view. It is very quiet um, I loved the stay! In addition, Marco and Marta are very friendly and kind, I were waiting at the bus station.

The apartment Marco is described as in the photos. The kitchen is well equipped and clean the rest could make further amendments, but by and large, all right. We did not have the opportunity to personally meet but my phone I'm so come to the keys of the apartment. It was a very short and rainy stay, could not have much in the village look, Peter had given us only the morning good weather. We would next time again rent this apartment.

This is the second time in less than six months we came to spend some days with Marco and Martha. This is for me the best evidence that we found the place and the perfect host, and there is nothing to add! And sure, we will return.

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