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Connecting flights to Granada are offered by a variety of different countries and airlines as Granada does not have an international airport. You will be able to take a bus, train or purchase airfare to Granada. Granada Airport (GRX) is a single-terminal facility that acts as a gateway into Andalusia. The airport only caters for domestic flights with the majority of Granada flights arriving from Barcelona and Madrid. The airport is officially known as the Federico Garcia Lorca Granada-Jaen Airport and is located near Almunecar, Lachar and Santa Fe. The terminal is never used beyond capacity, although summer is the busiest season when vacationers who book cheap flights to Granada arrive. Usually the airport is able to provide tourists with efficient and friendly service.

Most places are within walking distance of downtown Granada. The Arabic quarter consisting of Alhambra and Albayzin are on the hills alongside Calle de los. These hills can prove to be a steep walk and buses are available every fifteen minutes from Plaza Nueva. Three trains run each day to Algeciras via Antequera and Ronda. You are also able to rent a car, although with the narrow and awkward streets of Albayzin, you could become slightly disorientated without a GPS.

La Catedral de Granada is part of a 16th century cathedral, which contains the tombs of both Ferdinand and Isabella, the catholic Monarchs who conquered the city. Other sites include Sacromonte Abbey that was founded in XVII century and the Santo Domingo Church. Alhambra was a palace, citadel and a home to the Nasrid Sultans, high government officials, servants of the court and elite soldiers from the thirteenth to the fourteenth century. The Renaissance palace of Charles V houses the Alhambra museum and Fine Art museum. Here you will be able to appreciate the architecture and history that is surrounded by a unique and beautiful landscape.

Granada annually hosts a Rocket, Music and Performing Arts festival to celebrate the variety of cultures of this great city. Most bars in Granada will serve free tapas with each drink. Restaurants and bars include Arrayanes, Bar Oum Kalsoum, and Bella y Bestia. Most Spanish cities have a vibrant nightlife. Pata Palo and Pedro Alarcon are two worth mentioning. However, if you are more adventurous and would like to try a Jazz or Flamenco style, you will feel most welcome at both Calle Elvira and Eshavira.

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