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San Sebastian Tourism – Things to Do in San Sebastian

rentalcars.comWe have put together a hand selected list of the most important things to do and see in San Sebastian. Everything from eating pintxos in the old town to walking by la Concha Beach promenade – if it deals with San Sebastian tourism, we’ve got you covered.

The highest concentration of bars in the world.

Old Town of San Sebastian

Constitution Square in the Old Town

The Old Town of San Sebastián is known for having the highest concentration of bars in the world. It is formed by narrow streets located at the foot of the Mount Urgull.

The Old Town is an ideal place to go for a walk. Just don’t forget to stop and relax at one of the many bars to try some of the local pintxos, which are famous for being especially tasty in this area. Unfortunately, they are also the most expensive of the Basque Country, but don’t let that deter you.

Once you are in the Old Town, don’t forget to take a look at the Santa María del Coro Church and the Constitution Square, a neo-classical square built around the former City Hall and commonly known by the locals as “la consti.”

Basque history & culture on display.

San Telmo Museum

Detail of the San Telmo Museum's facade

Courtyard of the San Telmo Museum

Josep Maria Sert murals inside of the San Telmo Museum

The San Telmo Museum is located in the Old Town, at the foot of the Mount Urgull. It is primarily dedicated to Basque culture and history, providing visitors with a deeper insight into present day Basque society. The collection contains more than 26, 000 ethnographic, archeological, historical, photographic and artistic elements.

The San Telmo Museum was inaugurated in 1902, becoming the oldest museum of the Basque Country. It has been housed in the current building since 1932. Today, the building itself is actually one of the highlights of the museum. The complex that forms it is divided in two. The original building is a dominican convent from the 16th century, which is a unique architecture example in the region due to its mixture of gothic and renaissance styles. The new building was added to the museum a couple of years ago and was designed by the architects Nieto y Sobejano. The contemporary and vanguardist architecture added to the overall appeal of the complex, creating a very interesting mixture of old and new.

If you only visit one museum in San Sebastian, then the San Telmo Museum should definitely be the one.


Tuesday to Sunday: 10 am to 8 pm
Closed on Mondays & the following dates: 1st and 20th January, 25th December


Adults: 6 €
Seniors, students, groups of 10 or more: 3 €
Unemployed, under 18 years: free
* Free for everyone on Tuesdays

One of San Sebastian’s most majestic buildings.

Town Hall of San Sebastian

Located between La Concha Beach and the Old Town is the city hall, one of the most majestic buildings of San Sebastián. It is located in a beautiful location alongside the water and the well-maintained Alderdi Eder Gardens.

Originally built in 1882 as a casino hall, it once hosted parties of the Belle Époque era, when Europe’s bourgeoisie and aristocracy spent their summers in San Sebastian.

During World War I, the casino was filled with an eclectic mix of political refugees, spies (such as Mata Hari) and those wealthy enough to flee the fighting in the north. Later on during the Spanish Civil War, the building was also caught up in the fighting between the nationalists and republicans. Today, bullet holes can still be seen on the facade of the building as a result of the bloody fighting that took place alongside it.

Since 1947 the building has been used to house the city hall, which until then, was located at the Constitution Square.

Parisian style in San Sebastian.

Good Shepherd Cathedral

Gipuzkoa Square

The part of the city situated south of the Old Town is known as the romantic center of San Sebastian. This neighborhood is filled with beautiful buildings from the late 19th century and has plenty of clothing stores, bars and restaurants. With its Parisian style, the romantic center is definitely worth a stroll.

While in the romantic center, make sure you check out the Gipuzkoa Square, a charming square overlooked by the the neoclassical Diputación building (regional seat of government). The Good Shepherd Cathedral is also located in the romantic center. It is the perfect example of the foreign European influences that helped shape San Sebastian during the second half of the 19th century.


Guardian of the Old Town.

Views from Mount Urgull

Cannon at the Mota Castle

Mount Urgull stretches out into San Sebastian’s bay and is surrounded by water, except for one section that connects to the Old Town. Historically, the mount has served as an important strategic defense point for the city and especially for the Old Town that was established at the mount’s base. Today, military ruins such as cannons, as well as parts of the original wall that surrounded the medieval city can still be found on the hill.

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